The Millionaire Matchmaker



11 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 22

It's hard to stop gaping at Bravo's new reality series "The Millionaire Matchmaker."

It's got drama, it's got sex, it's got game-playing. What could be better for a series about a woman who runs a matchmaking service in Beverly Hills and connects millionaire men to their dream women?

The package is fast-moving -- and if you don't look too closely at yourself you won't even notice the sick feeling developing in the pit of your stomach. If the way men view women is getting shallower and scarier -- and ditto for the way women view men -- here's the best proof: a wildly entertaining series about how superficial we've all become.

The series centers on a woman named Patti Stanger, who is founder of the Los Angeles-based Millionaire's Club, a service the moneymen come to when they want to settle down. Stanger considers herself a kind of psychologist, wheeler-dealer and savvy cultural critic all rolled into one. She's great fun to watch -- mesmerizing, even -- as she sums up her clients into categories so as to fit them with what they need. The camerawork creates a great frenzied work-up, perfect to augment Stanger's quick wit and hurried style. It's more than fun to see.