Montana Sky



9 p.m. Monday, Feb. 5

Nora Roberts' popular novel, "Montana Sky," is given star treatment, now transformed into an original movie as part of Lifetime Network's project to bring four of the best-selling author's works to the small screen.

"Sky" doesn't have a particularly big name cast but it has stellar production values that give it weight and maybe disguise the essential flimsiness of the story itself.

The plot is all too familiar: Three half sisters who don't even know each other show up at the funeral of the father who strikes a bargain with them in his will. Each will inherit one third of the ranch he owned (that comes to roughly $8 million dollars each) if the three of them stay and live together for one year. The predictable occurs: love, hate, the whole damn thing.

April Smith's teleplay is lively enough, as is Mike Robe's direction.

The cast members, including Ashley Williams, Charlotte Ross and Laura Mennell as the three sisters, and John Corbett as their neighbor, all turn in serviceable performances. This is romance that travels a familiar path but is entertaining nonetheless. In truth, Roberts' stories practically write and direct themselves.