The Mr. Men Show



9 a.m. Monday, Feb. 4
Cartoon Network

Kids, hold onto your hats, arms, dance moves and funny bone.

"The Mr. Men Show" has arrived on everyone's television screen, and this is no small thing. Based on Roger Hargreaves' wonderful book series "Mr. Men" and "Little Miss," this animated show from Cartoon Network retains every nuance of the books' charm and imagination. Kids, even adults, will thoroughly enjoy this series, which features 26 programs with two 11-minute episodes in each. You would have to be really seriously grumpy not to.

The weekday series catches the essential spirit of Hargreaves' books: their wonderful ability to speak to young children about the moods and feelings they experience every day but don't know how to express.

Episodes pick up where Hargreaves' pages left off, offering names of people as a way to express our basic emotions in a simple, understandable way. We're reunited with such characters as Mr. Happy, Mr. Lazy, Little Miss Sunshine, even Mr. Grumpy.

While the animation is imaginative and lively, the best part is the show's savvy sense of humor. In this land of Dillydale -- of course populated by characters who sometimes dillydally -- "The Mr. Men Show" will touch everyone who tunes in.
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