Natural Causes



9 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 9

This is the first of four mysteries in the sixth installment of the BBC-produced "Inspector Lynley Mysteries," presented by PBS in its "Mystery!" series.

This time, the odd-couple crime-solving duo of Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley (Nathaniel Parker at his suave, sexy best) and Detective Sgt. Barbara Havers (Sharon Small at her feisty, scrumptious best) sorts out a double homicide in England's scrubby hinterlands.

As usual, the duo is as befuddled by interpersonal dynamics as by the crime itself. The aristocratic Lynley is not only facing a disciplinary hearing but remains at odds with his estranged wife (a lovely performance by Catherine Russell). The combative Havers has to subordinate herself to a new and very pregnant superior (a wonderfully broad performance by Liza Tarbuck).

Of course, nothing in Lynley's world happens quickly, but eventually it's all put to rights, including the crime. Making it even more enjoyable, the casting is perfect, the camerawork is gorgeous, and Lynley's rare Bristol 410 will delight car collectors everywhere.