Nature of the Beast



8 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 21
ABC Family

Can a werewolf and a mortal plan a beautiful wedding and live happily ever after once they've married?

That's the burning (and extremely hairy) question running through ABC Family's seasonally appropriate original telefilm "Nature of the Beast," a happy-go-lucky comedy-horror-drama that entertains in a big way if you don't ask important questions about originality. The goings-on are harmless and somewhat mindless but entertaining nonetheless.

Eddie Kaye Thomas stars as the potential groom who has a secret that his intended finds out about soon enough. But she won't let him off the hook -- he's got to marry her despite all the secrets she knows about him. And, truthfully, they are not your run-of-the-mill problems. Kaye is charming and convincing as the werewolf who would be a groom. David Kendall & Bob Young's script is clever and fast-moving, as is Rodman Flender's quick-witted direction. Halloween is still fun and family-friendly on this small screen.