Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom



Opens: Friday, October 24 (Logo Features)

"Noah's Arc," the groundbreaking Logo television network series chronicling the lives and loves of a quartet of gay black men making it in L.A.-call it "Pecs and the City"-takes the feature plunge with "Jumping the Broom."

With its timely focus on marriage and commitment, the extended version sacrifices some of that trademark crisp repartee for weightier stuff that goes a bit deep on the philosophizing, and while it won't mean much to the uninitiated, loyal fans of the 2006-2008 series will likely still come out for the big reunion.

Picking up a couple of years after the show's last episode, the film, marking Logo's first foray onto the big screen, finds Darryl Stephens' nice guy screenwriter Noah-essentially Carrie Bradshaw as a gay African-American male-about to formally tie the knot with his partner, Wade (Jensen Atwood).

Congregating at Wade's family vacation home in Martha's Vineyard (as played by Nova Scotia) are Noah's three close friends, Alex, the diva (Rodney Chester), Ricky, the player (Christian Vincent) and Chance, the academic (Douglas Spearman), two of whom have brought along their significant, or not so significant, others.

Unsurprisingly what was intended to be a weekend of revelry gives way to individual revelations threatening to spoil the big party.

Director Patrik-Ian Polk, the series creator who co-wrote the film script with John R. Gordon, has an obvious affinity for his photogenic ensemble and there's an easy give-and-take between them, especially where the big-hearted, scene-stealing Chester character is concerned.

But in Polk's determination to say everything he feels that needs to be said, all the talky drama keeps threatening to divert "Noah's Arc" from "Sex and the City" to "Boys in the Band."

Production company: Blueprint Entertainment
Cast: Darryl Stephens, Rodney Chester, Christian Vincent, Douglas Spearman
Director: Patrik-Ian Polk
Screenwriters: Patrik-Ian Polk, John R. Gordon
Executive producers: Noreen Halpern, Dave Mace, John Morayniss, Pamela Post
Producers: Lael McCall, Carol Ann Shine, Patrik-Ian Polk
Director of photography: Christopher Porter
Production designer: William Flemng
Music: Adam S. Goldman, Julian Wass
Costume designer: Kate Rose
Editor: Phillip J. Bartell
Rating: R, 101 minutes.