Nora Roberts' Carolina Moon



9 p.m. Monday, Feb. 19

Of the past four Nora Roberts best-selling novels recently translated to television, Lifetime's "Carolina Moon" is the best of the lot. Roberts' characters still leave much to be desired in the way of depth and dimension, but "Moon" at least goes the distance to be entertaining and extremely watchable.

Claire Forlani plays a young woman who returns to her hometown to confront the demons that have possessed her since childhood: the notion that her father might have murdered her best friend.

To complicate the plot, Forlani possesses uncanny visual hallucinations about events about to occur. Complicated? You bet. Plausible? Not in a heartbeat. But there is enough compelling dialogue to keep viewers hooked. And with a cast that includes Jacqueline Bisset (always interesting to watch), "Moon" keeps us busy even when events seem ludicrous. Writer-director Stephen Tolkin is to be commended for keeping the action going nonstop.