PARIS -- Cedric Klapisch, an uneven director whose best efforts so far were the diptych "Euro Pudding" and "Russian Dolls," puts his talent to interweave stories and several characters to more dramatic material in "Paris." The ensemble film follows the lives of many Parisians -- the French capital being itself, as the title suggests, one, if not the main, character. A all-starred French cast including young Romain Duris and veteran Fabrice Luchini as well as the internationally recognized Juliette Binoche should help boost world sales.

"Paris" is a bittersweet film containing rare moments of comedy. The central character, Pierre (Duris), is sick and may die in a cardiac transplant. He occupies what may be the last days of his life watching the everyday existence of the people around him -- neighbors, friends, shopkeepers -- and getting closer to his sister (Binoche). Each character in the area of Pierre's building is linked to others, which creates a sort of human chain in which people are connected, consciously or not, in same community.

The film realistic depicts Parisian life, where people can be selfish and arrogant. In fact, one of the more moving sequences has Pierre revealing his sickness to his sister, who instead of comforting him grounds him.As in his comedies, life, love, friendship and family matters are treated realistically. Even sickness and death seem natural and down-to-earth.

The actors givr the story an almost documentary dimension. Even performers with such strong personalities as Luchini and Binoche disappear into their roles. Duris, who became a major actor in "The Beat that My Heart Skipped," pulls off another noteworthy performance.

Ce qui me meut, StudioCanal, France 2 Cinema
Writer/director: Cedric Klapisch
Producer: Bruno Levy
Director of photography: Christophe Beaucarne
Production designer: Marie Cheminal
Costume designer: Anne Schotte
Editor: Francine Sandberg
Music: Loik Dury
Elise: Juliette Binoche
Pierre: Romain Duris
Roland Verneuil: Fabrice Luchini
Jean: Albert Dupontel
Philippe Verneuil: Francois Cluzet
Butcher: Karin Viard
Franky: Gilles Lellouche
Laetitia: Melanie Laurent
Running time -- 130 minutes
No MPAA rating