Please Kill Mr. Know It All

Canadian indie demonstrates that mixing bullets and romantic banter is harder than it sometimes looks

Co-director Sandra Feldman, a physician, occasionally moonlights as a stunt woman.

MONTREAL — A likeable, low-budget hit-man romance in which the sparks never really fly and the bullets never threaten, Please Kill Mr. Know It All will amuse flaw-forgiving festivalgoers but probably isn't novel enough to catch a distributor's eye. Sandra Feldman's script (which she co-directed with Colin Carter) isn't bad at reheating second-hand gags, but it's at a loss with the plot and motivational mechanics its screwy love story relies on.

Lara Jean Chorostecki plays Sally, an aspiring novelist supporting herself by penning the "Mr. Know It All" advice column. (Neither Sally nor the film, evidently, accept the traditional "know-it-all" usage.) When the column becomes an overnight success and readers want to know the man behind all that wisdom, Sally draws the portrait of a handsome stranger (Jefferson Brown's Albert) and puts it alongside her pseudonymous byline. Trouble is, Albert is a contract killer. When his anonymity is threatened by new fans stopping him on the street, he decides he must end the column by killing the doppelganger who writes it.

The cast is energetic but unpolished, and there's little chemistry between Sally and Albert when -- as he pretends to be seeking Know It All for a business proposition and she, immediately smitten, pretends she can arrange a meeting -- they start spending time together. When the ruse inevitably leads to violence, Feldman and Carter go for a Grosse Pointe Blank flavor but find that combination of flirtation and danger more difficult than it looks, especially when accompanied by Colin Linden's ambling, acoustic score.


Production Company: Schleooing Nachos Productions, Static Motion

Cast: Jefferson Brown, Kristina Pesic, Lara Jean Chorostecki, Colin Mochrie, Clifford Saunders, Al Sapienza

Directors: Sandra Feldman, Colin Carter

Screenwriter-Producer: Sandra Feldman

Executive producer: Brian Feldman

Director of photography: Pasha Patriki

Production designer: Zazu Myers

Music: Colin Linden

Editor: Michael Wilson

No rating, 85 minutes