Pool of Princesses



Perspektive Deutsches Kino

BERLIN -- Bettina Blumner's documentary "Pool of Princesses" looks at three 15-year-old German girls and their views on school, parents, boyfriends and myriad things that occupy postadolescent females throughout the Western world.

Klara, Mina and Tanutscha have been best friends since childhood, and they are determined never to leave their urban neighborhood and to remain best friends forever. That's about as ambitious as they get as they are almost entirely focused on their older boyfriends and surviving their mostly single-parent environments.

Most of the film involves headshots with the girls talking singly or in pairs, with occasional clips showing the immigrant boyfriends they prefer and their boasting about the girls. What they do most of all is smoke cigarettes wherever they are, including at home with Mom. They like to drink, too, and talk about sex, even if they don't seem entirely clear on the subject.

There's something a bit pervy about the way the camera lingers on the swimsuit-clad teenagers and voyeuristic when they mug for the camera.

Their conversations, especially on phone chatlines to strangers, is so colloquial that subtitles miss the flavor entirely, and the film is unlikely to travel beyond Germany.