In Pot We Trust



8:30 p.m. Monday, July 9

Showtime, the home of the pot-headed but suburban-neat "Weeds," finds itself trapped in a true-life reefer madness. It's airing a medical marijuana documentary that argues both sides of the nasty issue, though its title, "In Pot We Trust," reveals its unfair and imbalanced point of view.

As directed by Star Price, with producers Price, Joshua E. Kessler and Mark Wolper for Star Price Prods. and the Wolper Organization, it's virtually impossible to argue persuasively against a pot that helps diminish many manners of suffering.

The case here is undeniably compelling, especially when you match it with the righteous death-to-drugs kind of attitude that, after all, there is this war on drugs and no prisoners will be taken, and no sick people either.

The producers invoke narrative devices that flesh out the debate, including the lone and lonely lobbyist for medical pot, Aaron Houston. We watch him circulating "the Hill," ambushing congressional folks to win their support. They are mostly reluctant and move away, but Houston nonetheless sees some improved hope.

The producers also introduce us to some people who have multiple sclerosis and other maladies. They do some pot and explain how it brightens their life and makes their lives livable.