Pushing Daisies



Airdate: 8-9 p.m. Wednesdays, Oct. 1 (ABC)

Remember how bright and vibrant "Pushing Daisies" looked when you first saw it a year ago? Or maybe you're one of those who didn't see it a year ago. Maybe you just meant to see it and then along came the writers' strike and "Pushing Daisies" was plucked from the schedule for the rest of the season.

Now it's back, this fairy tale of a dramedy, filled with love, jealousy, life, death and larger-than-life characters. And it's fine if you missed it the first time around. The season premiere is something of a relaunch. Right off the bat, it explains the magical touch of Ned (Lee Pace), the pieman, who can bring the dead back to life ... as long as he doesn't touch them again.

Pace and Anna Friel, who plays Chuck, his childhood sweetheart, are as charming as ever. Even better, their relationship is evolving. Yet another encouraging sign is that the first few episodes promise significant involvement from one of TV's best supporting casts.

The opener has Chuck going undercover to solve the mysterious murder of a newly-designated "Bee Girl" at a company that makes honey-infused beauty products. Bryan Fuller's script isn't exactly a thriller but it is perfect at bringing out all the colors and kookiness the show can muster.