Queen Sized



9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 12

Nikki Blonsky is nothing less than sparkling on the big screen in her role as Tracy Turnblad in "Hairspray," and now she captures the television screen in her first gig since her breakthrough performance. She shows up as a hefty-size high school senior in Lifetime's original telefilm "Queen Sized." The effort isn't up to Blonsky's talents, but it tries to stay with her and almost succeeds.

Blonsky plays a high school student whose weight problem gets in the way of every aspect of her life, especially her rock-bottom self-esteem. The more she is made fun of because of her weight, the more she feeds into the cycle of eating ... and eating. But when her mean-spirited classmates nominate her for homecoming queen, Blonsky's character turns the tables on them and comes out the big winner. Big takes on new meaning.

It's too bad if Blonsky continues to land parts that play on her weight. She has enormous talent and a serious side that gives her characters believability and pathos. While this story by Rodney Johnson and teleplay by Richard and Nora Kletter are predictable and ordinary, and even though director Peter Levin takes Blonsky to a few good places, this actress needs great and greater material to work with and transform.