Queens of Langkasuka



Queens of Langkasuka, Cannes, Market Screening

"Queens" is 90% unadulterated entertainment and 10% ambitious re-imagination of pan-Asian historical legend. Sumptuous to a sin in production and costume design, with whirlwind action sequences merging realistic Thai boxing with theatrical 90s Hong Kong style stunts, it has the nostalgic charm of classics like "Sinbad the Sailor" and a truly exhilarating sea battle at the end.

Imaginative marketing is needed to launch it internationally as a product that does not conform to the only two categories (horror and Muay Thai) which tweak acquisition interest. Jettisoning some of the more static palace spectacles and cluttered back story in an international cut might do the trick.

With sorcery and swordplay, fairytale romance, pan-Asian characters, amazing marine cinematography, dolphins and whales, even kamikaze hang-gliders, the story actually boils down to an arms race to see who's got the bigger canon. Think what Freud has to say!

Sales: Sahamongkolfilm International Co. Ltd.