Race You to the Bottom



Regent Releasing

NEW YORK -- Romantic relationships are hard enough when only opposite-sex attraction is involved; Russell Brown's comedy-drama demonstrates that they're virtually impossible when bisexuality is added to the equation. A road movie depicting the picturesque journey through Napa wine country undertaken by a young couple who each already has a live-in boyfriend, "Race You to the Bottom" manages to pack a lot into its brief 75-minute running time.

The couple in question are Nathan (Cole Williams), a travel writer, and Maggie (Amber Benson), who have been seeing each other on the sly for six months. When Nathan gets an assignment to review romantic destinations in California's Napa Valley, the couple take advantage of the opportunity to ditch their respective male partners and spend some quality time together to explore the possibility of deepening their relationship.

This leads to complications, especially when the freewheeling Nathan begins flirting with every man in sight and winds up seducing one of Maggie's old college friends.

Although more than a little familiar in its road movie-style romantic banter and bickering, the film is easy to take for a number of reasons, including the witty and frequently caustic dialogue. Modest in its aspirations, "Race You" succeeds by not trying to do too much.