Revenge: TV Review

Jim Bridges/ABC
Intriguing and genuinely fun series stars sweet/sexy Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe.

The actress is a "nice combo of sweet/sexy and ice-cold" in ABC's new drama, writes Tim Goodman.

Intriguing and genuinely fun – though you worry about its long-term appeal – is ABC’s Revenge, starring Emily VanCamp (Everwood, Brothers & Sisters) as a young girl who returns to the Hamptons to exact – you guessed it – revenge on all the people who wronged her father when she was growing up there.

Her chief foil is a willfully wicked Madeleine Stowe, who exerts iron-fist control over Hamptons society. The pilot has a killing and a comeuppance and hints of more to come – and VanCamp is a nice combo of sweet/sexy and ice-cold.

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"This is not a story about forgiveness,” she says in voice-over.

Well, OK then.

The obvious question here is how many people can you actually kill on the Hamptons?

Her circle of choices appears to be in single digits, so there will have to be some complications or a lot of stalling to make this work long-term. But the pilot is enjoyable enough that you should add it to your DVR as a solidly soapy option.