RFK Must Die



Dokument Films

Conspiracy theorists will have a field day with British journalist Shane O'Sullivan's attempt to refute the official story about shooter Sirhan Sirhan's sole involvement in the RFK assassination. Exploring the idea that the killer was actually a brainwashed "Manchurian candidate" and that rogue agents of the CIA may have been complicit, "RFK Must Die: The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy" is highly intriguing, if ultimately less than convincing.

Combining extensive archival footage--both of the immediate aftermath of the shooting itself and Kennedy's months-long campaign for the White House leading up to it-with extensive interviews with several eyewitnesses and such other figures as Sirhan's brother, the film attempts to float its conspiracy theories without really coming to any solid conclusions.

The suspects come flying at the viewer in fast and furious fashion, from a mysterious woman in a polka-dot dress who may have been connected to Sirhan to several known CIA operatives whose presence in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel is made evident in various films and photos.

The presence of a second gunman is discussed, as well as such evidence as a bullet-ridden door that was destroyed by the L.A.P.D. shortly after the event (but not before being photographed).

The film does deliver some fascinating elements, such as snippets from an audiotape of Sirhan's interrogation by the police in which he insists that he remembers nothing of the event.

But the film inevitably raises more questions than it answers, and in the end is more frustrating than revelatory.