The Riches



10 p.m. Tuesday, March 18

The road to the American Dream gets more complicated and even turns back on itself in Season 2 of FX's "The Riches." All the while, this family series with its own peculiar set of family values continues to boast some of the most outrageous characters, unpredictable adventures and suspenseful situations found anywhere.

Last year, Wayne (Eddie Izzard) and Dahlia (Minnie Driver) and their three children fled from the Travelers, a gypsy-like group of predators. After witnessing a fatal car crash, they assumed the identity of the victims, Doug and Cherien Rich. Wayne enjoyed his new status as a lawyer, but his family was less enthused about life in the affluent suburbs.

This year, family unity is challenged by Wayne's decision to go for one big payoff, Dahlia's urge to live a more honest life, their daughter's realization that she likes suburban life and their eldest son's yearning to return to the family's roots. All the while, ghosts from the Molloys' past and people who once knew the real Riches keep the family just one step ahead of disaster.

Season 2 features an expanded role -- probably too greatly expanded -- for Dale (Todd Stashwick), the dull-witted, violent villain and nemesis from Traveller days. Even so, Izzard and Driver remain a joy to watch in this odd but fascinating series that is derivative of nothing on TV.