'The Seventh Dwarf': Film Review

Global Screen
A bargain-basement 'How to Train Your Frozen Shrek.'

Creepy CGI and poached plotting are among this cheesy fairy tale’s considerable shortcomings.

Resembling something dwelling in the bottom of the remainder bin, The Seventh Dwarf is a garish-looking, slapdash mashup of an animated fairy tale.

The original German production, which has been refitted with an English-speaking voice cast including Peyton List (Disney Channel’s Jessie) and comedian Norm MacDonald, blatantly pilfers from the likes of Frozen, Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon while bringing nothing fresh to the enchanted table.

Boasting some truly grotesque CGI animation, this utterly charmless Shout! Factory release probably will creep out kiddies on the lookout for a fresh Elsa sighting.

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The plot, such as it is, concerns Bobo (voiced by Joshua Graham), the youngest and smallest of the Seven Dwarfs, who accidentally pricks the finger of the lovely Princess Rose (List) with a needle cursed by the evil witch, Dellamorta (Nina Hagen), sending her into an extended, frozen slumber.

Requiring a kiss from Rose’s true love to break the spell, Bobo and company embark on a quest to track down the elusive Jack (James Frantowski), all the while dodging Dellamorta’s winged dragon, Burner (MacDonald).

Directed by former Disney character designer Harald Siepermann (who died during production), along with Boris Aljinovic, with credited screenwriters including Siepermann and Daniel and Douglas Welbat, the resulting hodgepodge feels chaotic and slapped together.

Further cementing the unhappily-ever-after vibe are the instantly forgettable songs by Daniel Welbat and Stephan Gade and the perfunctory character-voice work — with the exception of one inspired choice: punk-music godmother Hagen (also in the original German version), whose nicotine-scarred reading makes the wicked Dellamorta oddly memorable.

Or is that just because of the discernable nipples beneath her sheer, skintight gown?

Production companies: Global Screen, 7 Dwarves Animation Company

Voice cast: Peyton List, Norm MacDonald, Nina Hagen, Joshua Graham, James Frantowski

Directors: Harald Siepermann, Boris Aljinovic

Screenwriters: Harald Siepermann, Daniel Welbat, Douglas Welbat

Producer: Douglas Welbat

Executive producers: Jurgen Draabe, Jorn Holm, Linh Lu, Harro von Have, Philipp D. Weck, Markus Reinecke, Jorn Radel, Marcus Schoefer, Christian Arnold-Beutel

Composers: Daniel Welbat, Stephan Gade

Rated PG, 87 minutes