She's Got the Look



Following in the vein of "America's Top Model," TV Land's new six-episode model search reality series "She's Got the Look" is loaded with pratfalls, most of them unintended -- well, we hope. This not-so-exciting clone of a series focuses on the search for a woman who, over the age of 35, can be a supermodel. The producers think this is pretty daring stuff! Not so fast, please.

Stay tuned and listen up for the many social fumbles that grace the show. First up: One of the show's three judges, supermodel Beverly Johnson (the first black model to appear on the cover of American Vogue), tells us that the panel is looking for the woman who, though over age 35, still has a sense of style. You can just hear the collective "hmmm" ringing through the airwaves. Sure, everyone knows that after women hit that magic year, their sense of style just flies right out the window. Fumble No. 2: It will be news to all women, period, that 35 means the end of everything sexy, stylish and, yes, "glowing."

And these hits are just for starters. Not that the producers will notice because "She's Got the Look" emerges from a culture that gets ever more desperate to see women as young, thin and, again, "glowing" with sexuality. As host-supermodel Kim Alexis reinforces, the tone of this search is upbeat, animated and ready to sprint. The underlying message is this, ladies: After the age of 35, it might be a miracle that you can be any of the above.

The payoff is a nice one for the woman who gets chosen: a lucrative modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models along with a fashion spread in Self magazine.

The other two judges, along with Johnson, are celebrity stylist Robert Verdi and Wilhelmina president Sean Patterson. Each is appropriately upbeat and enthusiastic (it's the show's underlying theme), but not nearly as much so as the women who, after a national search, come rushing out of the floodgates looking for a new chance to feel under 35 again (though they might protest).

Let's get real kinky, let's get real: How about a "She's Got the Look" knockoff exclusively for the over-65 crowd?