'Another': SIFF Review

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Jason Bognacki fills all the production roles for his debut horror film.

Jason Bognacki fills all the production roles for his debut horror film.

SEATTLE — The closing credits of Jason Bognacki's Another, which crawl so slowly across the screen they may set a record, make a point of thanking Italian giallo maestros Jess Franco and Dario Argento. Neither auteur was above using a bit of gore or a nubile young actress to paper over narrative deficiencies, but their moody features made oodles more sense than this, a flimsy horror flick whose attempt to gin up a sense of dread sometimes provokes laughs. Theatrical prospects are nil, though some genre diehards may take to it on video.

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The picture opens with a cheesy scene of pointy-hooded cult members milling about a newborn who is then spirited away from their cave lair. It then jumps 18 years to find that child, Jordyn (Paulie Rojas) witnessing the attempted suicide of her aunt Ruth (Nancy Wolfe). "It is time! It is time!" Ruth cries before stabbing herself in the chest, but evidently it is not: Ruth lives, presumably so she can explain a plot involving Jordyn's long absent mother, a witch with terrible teeth who has returned to steal her child's soul.

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Or something like that. The bad-dream-like narrative involves mysterious dopplegangers, duelling witches and Rosemary's Baby-like rituals, but seems mostly an excuse for Bognacki to try every bit of David Lynch-inspired sound design and psychedelic visual trickery he has learned. He's a long way from mastering the effects, which are sometimes hilariously fake-looking, distracting from the competency of the overall visuals. Looks can surely be the only reason for casting Rojas, who is gorgeous in a doll-like way but whose performance is terrible even by genre standards.


Production company: Full Frame Features

Cast: Paulie Rojas, Nancy Wolfe, Maria Olsen, Michael St. Michaels, David Landry, Lillian Pennypacker

Director-Screenwriter-Director of photography-Editor: Jason Bognacki

Producer: Aline Bognacki

Executive producer: Colin Geddes


No rating, 79 minutes