8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 15
ABC Family

It's beginning to look a lot like friggin' Christmas, man. And you never know when another New Joysey family is gonna make a mess of things. No, not that Jersey family. The one we see on ABC Family's "Snowglobe" isn't much for strippers and killing. But Lorraine Bracco is here, so you know there's always the possibility that Tony Soprano could come stumbling in any second to emote about his pressure-packed life.

But seriously, folks, what we get here is mostly a big dose of Christina Milian and a Christmas just like the one she's never known. In this case, that means an Oz-like journey inside a yuletide snowglobe, magically transporting her to an idyllic winter wonderland of a town where a miniature town filled with neatly wrapped presents and fresh-baked cookies, along with the man of her dreams (Matt Keeslar). And then, of course, she wakes up -- but she's still in possession of a gift given to her in Snowglobe Land.

All right, so this girl Angela (Milian) might just be a little bit nuts. Then again, so is this mildly charming holiday fable that finds our yearning heroine traveling back and forth between the world of the globe and her ho-hum existence with family members who sound like they just stepped off the Greyhound from Newark.

The question the film asks appears to be this: Can the decisions one makes inside a snowglobe truly impact the lives of others inside the globe -- and, by extension, those in her "real" life? Another: Is it better to fall for a guy in the real world or the one you shake? Our moral is destined, of course, to be that Christmas need not be perfect to be -- you know -- perfect. Couldn't see that one coming, could ya? At least Milian is cute and perky in that young Paula Abdul way. Ah, but for an ounce of the "American Idol" magic.