8 p.m., Thursday, June 7
Court TV

For anyone who likes to watch movie and television bloopers -- or maybe get some chuckles from America's incredibly dumb and dumber home videos -- this offering from Court TV will please. The new reality series "Speeders," which follows police officers as they track down and ticket (well, try to) speeding drivers on America's highways, is full of laughs, excitement and, yes, fast cars.

The series catches the great American unwashed in all its glory and infamy: the excuses drivers come up with after they're caught speeding range from silly to over the top.

But they're always entertaining. The cops on this show run the gamut as well, from polite to bemused to downright stumped after suffering the excuses they hear. Drivers deny, deny and then deny some more -- until they realize there's no way out of their public road transgressions. Along the way we're treated to some fascinating facts that show up as text on the screen. Did we know, for example, that next to students doctors are the most likely to cause crashes on the road? Tune in.