Quasi-slasher film wants to be serious about teen girls' problems but fails miserably.  

PARK CITY -- Sundance Film Festival, NEXT -- Five young women meet for an anything-goes waterfront getaway in To.Get.Her, a painful-to-watch drama that attempts to justify a thousand cliches with some climactic twists that, sadly, are ludicrous where what preceded them was merely lousy. An exploitative-sounding premise makes video sale conceivable, but rental customers hoping for sleazy T&A will get only sleaze.

Performances range from iffy to atrocious, but even seasoned thesps couldn't do much for a limp script given to clumsy exposition and hackneyed exchanges like the nightclub come-on, "You like what you see?" followed by "It's quite a view."

The quintet of girls is led by Ana (Jazzy De Lisser), a sullen and unlikeable teen who tells us in an opening voiceover that four of them will soon be killed by a man who will take his own life as well. That slasher-flick setup might keep some viewers alert through the subsequent "Night of No Consequences," in which Ana and company booze it up and, strangely for supposedly dear friends who have traveled across the globe for this one-night reunion, spend most of the night apart -- making out with strangers and indulging the script's need to squeeze anorexia, closeted (and self-hating) homosexuality, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and a few other old teen tropes into the mix.

Shot in something filmmaker Erica Dunton calls "PastelScope" -- a distractingly wide frame filled with dull, washed-out color -- the action is competently framed but plagued by filter effects that do nothing to make the tedious drama less annoying to sit through.

Venue: Sundance Film Festival, NEXT
Production Company: Puella Films
Cast: Jazzy De Lisser, Chelsea Logan, Adwoa Aboah, Jami Eaton, Audrey Speicher, Jill Jackson, Ed Wagenseller
Director-Screenwriter-Producer: Erica Dunton
Executive producer: David Dobbin, Penny Dobbin, Joe Dunton
Director of photography: Derek Tindall
Production designers: Matthew Petersen, Andy Sleet
Music: Michael Tremante
Costume designer: Keith Taylor
Editor: James Devlin
Sales: The Film Sales Co.
No rating, 86 minutes