Super Secret Super Spy



7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 17

Nick Jr.'s kid characters the Backyardigans (who have their own series) now have their first hourlong primetime telefilm as well: "Super Secret Super Spy," a colorful and hip supersleuth adventure story.

The telefilm is so cool that it has an original theme song, "The Lady in the Pink," performed by Cyndi Lauper. The whole affair is terrific and entertaining fun and games for preschoolers.

It's a jazzy-looking and sounding movie, and kids no doubt will be fascinated by the antics of it all. The story centers on the James Bond-style spy Agent Secret (Pablo, from the series), who finds himself on an international mission to protect the world from evil¬doers. Along the way, he meets all sorts of bad guys, good guys and of course the villianous Lady in Pink.

The animation is smooth and deft, with a great splash of color that should keep kids occupied as much as the supercool characters onscreen.

Nick Jr. also will release the telefilm Tuesday on DVD titled "The Backyardigans: Super Secret Super Spy."