Tom Gunn's Guide to Style



10 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 6

You need this man! He's funny, savvy, seriously tasteful and mostly kind when the women he meets are fashion disasters. But the job has to get done: He's out there (and now in our living rooms and bedrooms) trying his best to help people who he thinks need to change their fashion look. He's Tom Gunn, the latest fashion guru to get his own makeover show, "Tom Gunn's Guide to Style." This new Bravo series is fast-moving and fun to watch.

So what if we don't need another makeover series. So what if our culture (at least on television these days) takes looking fashionable too seriously (like it was a life-threatening disease to make a fashion mistake). No matter. In this eight-week series, we can at least be entertained for a while by a guy who is definitely knowing, really good to look at and, again, not too mean when it comes to changing the looks and (maybe) the lives of the fashion-challenged by giving them tips on wardrobe essentials and creating a new way to see themselves. It's formula television by now, but who cares?

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