Top This Party



10 p.m. Fridays

If you enjoy conspicuous consumption, here's the show you've been waiting for. Actually, it's two shows, both from Kevin Dill and Mechelle Collins of Intuitive Entertainment.

The first, "Top This Party," is set in Orange County, Calif.; the second, which follows at 10:30 p.m. on Lifetime, is in Las Vegas. Both follow high-end party planners as they try to please loony rich people.

Dill and Collins leave the dull details of creating a menu to the Food Network. This is about how the party planners -- Brian Dubbin in Orange County and Brian "Breakfast" Rice in Las Vegas -- placate people who don't blink at a $100,000 tab for a night's festivities.

First up is a Newport Beach woman, Caren Lancona, and her fanged assistant, Liz Phan, eager to celebrate Lancona's recent divorce. Their idea of a good time is to roast a pig on the bow of a private yacht. Poor Dubbin nearly gets his head handed to him when he explains that the Coast Guard takes a dim view of open fires on boats at sea.

Unless you're a Tyco executive, you're not likely to come away with good party ideas. However, laughing at the excesses of nutty rich folks is a time-honored tradition in American humor.
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