Turbo Dogs



Airdate: Noon-12:30 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 4 (NBC)

NBC's new animated series emits just enough energy to keep very young viewers on the edge of their seats. The best thing about "Turbo Dogs" is its flawless animation, even if the characters (and here everyone is a dog) are more middle of the road than original in any way. Kids probably won't notice, though, since there is plenty of action at the series' core.

Based on illustrator Bob Kolar's picture book "Racer Dogs," the series revolves around a group of canines who race cars and try to one-up one another on the track, off the track and anywhere they can. The unusual suspects include a competitive pooch named Cash; GT, the resident mechanic of the group; Mags, a poodle; Stinkbert, who hangs near garbage cans; and Clutch, who's a klutz, but no one minds. Many other dogs move in and out of the picture at any given time, and all are charming in a loopy kind of way.

Judging from the first episode, called "Lucky Charm," the story lines are as simple as can be, each one teaching the young audience a lesson or two about being competitive but also being a good sport, being honest and of course the best way to be a good friend to your fellow pooch. The idea of teamwork also gets good words.

The series is good and loud, with lots of sound effects and voices that seem to screech more often than not. It's all stuff kids will love, and the education they might get -- how to behave in the world and find what's important -- is an extra added canine attraction.

Production: CCI Entertainment/Hu Hu Studios.
Producers: Kristine Klohk, Rodney MacDonald.
Director: Denny Silverthorne.
Writer: Cathy Moss.