TV Review: The Drinky Crow Show



It took about 14 years plus the broadcast of a pilot in May 2007, but the decidedly offbeat comic strip "Maakies" finally has arrived as a series on the small screen, appropriately enough within the "Adult Swim" block on Cartoon Network. One can debate whether renaming it "The Drinky Crow Show" constitutes astute marketing. Regardless, the series remains true to the strip's coarse and ribald roots.

If you recognize these characters, it's because you've seen them for years in the newspaper L.A. Weekly. Drinky Crow is a sensitive soul for whom life is one long-lasting, suicide-inducing depression. Drinky Crow's response is to guzzle booze pretty much nonstop. His companion is Uncle Gabby, a drunken monkey sailor dedicated to life's most basic needs: eating, drinking, sleeping and sex.

Executive produced by cartoon creator Tony Millionaire and written by comic genius Eric Kaplan, "Drinky Crow" is the type of series that would be a hit with Itchy and Scratchy. It is violent, uncouth, vulgar and consistently funny, though in the morning you might hate yourself for laughing.

Although the dark, politically incorrect humor of "Drinky Crow" is decidedly male-oriented, it might prove entertaining for anyone in search of socially inappropriate gags after midnight.