TV Review: Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chronicle



Airdate: 8-10 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 7 (TNT)

For "The Librarian" movie franchise, it turns out that the third time really is the charm. The latest (and last) in the series featuring superhero librarian Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) packs more humor, suspense and adventure into two hours than either of its two predecessors.

Partly, it's because Wyle has become perfectly comfortable and confident in the role of an unassuming know-it-all. Partly it's because writer Marco Schnabel came through with a script that seamlessly combines moments of peril with bits of wit and comedy, particularly in the first half. And the addition of Stana Katic as Flynn's love interest didn't hurt one bit either.

The backdrop in this film from Electric Entertainment is Flynn's disenchantment with his job as librarian. Angrily, he tells library assist Charlene (Jane Curtin), "It is sucking the life out of me." She asks him to speak more quietly. "You're scaring the relics."

Flynn takes a vacation that of course is no vacation at all. Instead, it is a quest to find the chalice of Judas before the former head of the Russian KGB can track it down and use it for an evil plan that involves lots of vampires. (Watching at home? Try a drinking game with one for each time Flynn is ordered to be shot but talks his way out. A happy ending is guaranteed.)

The movie earns bonus points for bringing production work to New Orleans but loses most of them by overdoing it and turning parts of the film into a travelogue. Special effects, the hallmark of the previous two "Librarian" movies, are every bit as good as before.