TV Review: Starz Inside: Fashion in Film



Which came first, the fashion or the film? According to this docu, it's been a give-and-take relationship all along. Most of the time, films track contemporary fashions. However, when a movie makes waves in the fashion world, such as "Clueless" or "Atonement," the ripples extend far and wide.

Of course, no one's studied the topic scientifically. That means the best a docu like this can do is ply viewers with an hour's worth of anecdotal evidence, lots of sound bites from experts and more than a little nostalgia.

"Fashion in Film" recalls the trend set by "Annie Hall" and how, ironically, the film's costumes owed their existence to what was available on the racks of New York vintage shops. Other films deemed influential include "27 Dresses," "Bonnie and Clyde," "Pretty Woman" and "The Devil Wears Prada."

The docu is about film, so it's understandable that no mention is made of television, which arguably has an even greater impact on fashion. Fair enough. But when "Fashion in Film" starts raving about the trends sparked by the "Sex and the City" movie without even a mention of its more influential roots, it is no longer a case of TV's role being ignored but rather distorted.

Maybe most surprising for those of us who don't keep one eye on the catwalk is the segment on new fashion designs based on the costumes in "Pirates of the Caribbean." If the line doesn't catch on at Saks, it's sure to be a hit with cast members at Disneyland.
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