Unforgettable: TV Review

"Unforgettable" (CBS)
Giovani Rufino/CBS

Poppy Montgomery.

Tedious procedural from CBS' crime drama factory.

The former "Without a Trace" star takes center stage in plodding procedural.

CBS' Unforgettable, starring Poppy Montgomery (Without a Trace), is one of those procedurals CBS cranks out during disco naps, and it will probably go on for a lifetime.

But this one is particularly tedious as it centers on a former cop's medically rare but true ability to remember every detail of every day (except how her sister died in the woods when they were younger, an event that haunts her).

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Montgomery is almost always memorable in what she does, even if her Australian accent creeps out more times than you would expect in the pilot. Here, she's paired with Dylan Walsh, who plays an old flame who runs into her while investigating a crime. He knows her unique gifts -- and yet, it's re-creating those gifts that dooms Unforgettable.

Once called upon to remember every single important detail of a day or scene, Montgomery's character basically goes mute and looks around in slow motion while the camera replays what we've already seen.

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It's a new kind of plodding -- so slow, you are almost begging her to stay retired so you don't have to witness her gifts in action again.