The Whitest Kids U'Know



8 p.m., Tuesday, March 20

"The Whitest Kids U'Know" arrives on a network that you probably didn't know even existed. It's called Fuse (they spell it all lower case, so we took the liberty of correcting it for them). It's now available in about 50 million homes via digital and mobile platforms and positioned as the anti-MTV, a music network that actually tries to concentrate on music. Until now.

"U'Know" comes from executive producer Jim Biederman of "The Kids in the Hall" and "The Tom Green Show" fame, so you know it won't pull too many punches. And it doesn't. The premiere half-hour is reliably, defiantly crude and offensive. And while the blend of musical comedy shorts, slapstick video parodies and sketch routines misses the mark more often than it hits, when it connects it's flat-out brilliant. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wince, you'll squirm, you'll want to toss a brick through the TV set. You'll also marvel at the glorious, unapologetic political incorrectness of it all.

Starring members of the (yes) all-white young male comedy troupe for which the show is named, "U'Know" is a wildly disconnected collection of bits and pretaped interludes. It's never better than in the opening and closing song parodies: a Hitler youth bopping through a horribly wrong rap video of the song "Triumph of the Ill" ("Driving down the street in my Panzer tank ... Sittin' drinkin' Cris with my bitch Anne Frank") and a rendition of the uncomfortably catchy tune "Get a New Daddy" strummed before a group of young kids.

There also are skits featuring a trash-talking Abe Lincoln at a performance of "Hamlet," a man pulling excrement from his pants during a business meeting and a third that spoofs bestiality.

Again, it's all hugely inconsistent and seems way too enamored of poo-poo/pee-pee humor (sometimes literally). But it's likewise easy to see the potential of this outrageously original bunch once they figure out how to evolve beyond mere shock value.
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