Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter



9 p.m. Friday, April 20

Spirited, gregarious and tough, Sandra Scott nonetheless leaves us feeling vaguely uncomfortable. The star of this contrived reality series appears to be a temper tantrum waiting to happen, and her domineering presence and outsized style makes her difficult to love. That's a problem when the show is called "Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter," a simplistic title for an unremarkable conceit. (It's sort of like referring to "American Idol" as "Singer, Judge, Voter").

Showing up on cable's WE (the poor woman's Oxygen), it's the estrogen version of A&E's far more entertaining "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" that features the eccentric, self-destructive Duane "Dog" Chapman. By contrast, this original effort (premiering with an hourlong kickoff, followed by 10 half-hours) leaves you feeling like the protagonist is shamelessly playing to the camera, coveting ego gratification seemingly above all else.

The idea is that, hey, this here lady is like the soccer mom next door -- only she also happens to be a bounty hunter. But there isn't anything particularly endearing or maternal about Scott.

The Phoenix resident orders around her whipped hubby Ron and spends time with her daughters only after running out of scofflaws to track via her Old West Bail Bonds. The girls have odd names (Sabree, 15, and Ever-Skye, 6) and different fathers, neither of whom happens to be the husband. We buy that the feisty Scott is a rough customer, a black belt and former pro wrestler.

In the pilot, she impressively uses her wiles to bring in a bail skipper and an emaciated meth addict who fails to show for her court date. But, superwoman that she is while doing mom duty and bringing in bad guys, Sandra has an edge that's off-putting. You want to shout, "Just chill for a second, will ya?" It probably won't be happening in this lifetime.