Wild at Heart



10 p.m. Saturday, April 21
BBC America

BBC America's new six-part family adventure series "Wild at Heart" is television of the best kind: a show that appeals to kids, adults, animal lovers, even viewers who like nothing better than a good chase.

The series might look simple, but this story of a family that exchanges life in Bristol, England, for the South African bush has important things to say about the way humans might learn to live in the wide world around them.

Creator-writer Ashley Pharoah has a gem here. The story revolves around a blended family: a father, who is a vet, takes his new wife and their three kids to live in Africa.

It's risky business, transplanting three city kids to the wilds of a new natural surrounding. But the writing and character development are so witty and intelligent that new adventures are created without the slightest feel of the familiar or the ordinary.