Yo Gabba Gabba!



10:30 a.m. Monday, Aug. 20

Nick Jr.'s new live-action series for preschoolers is an upbeat affair that mixes lots of music with friendly instruction for kids. It's a kind of "Barney" for the even younger set; it gets kids to do things they would do anyway (such as eat, try new foods and other basic life skills) but wraps up the heuristic in a pleasant, sing-a-long fashion.

The first installment of the 20-episode series tells kids all about the subject of eating. Adults might wonder why so many verses and mixing and matching of lyrics might get the very young to do what they're going to do anyway, but it might not look that way to a preschooler. The action is nonstop, extremely colorful and tuneful to the hilt.

Hip-hop legend Biz Markie has a recurring role in the series, and host DJ Lance Rock (Lance Robertson) is friendlier and livelier than all get-out. There's plenty of fun and much to do about very little in this pleasant series, which will settle in to a regular weekday 10:30 a.m. slot, with a repeat at 1 p.m.