Zombie 108: Filmart Review

Joe Chien fails to bring anything new to the table with this Asian take on the zombie-horror phenomenon; horror aficionados may still give the dying film a chance.

Director Joe Chien touts his apocalyptic flick as the first of its kind for China.

Mesmerizing for all the wrong reasons, Zombie 108 bills itself as the first ever Chinese zombie apocalypse film. Set in Taipei when a tsunami brings a virus that decimates the city, the “story” follows a handful of incompetent SWAT cops, some gangsters and an isolated pervert as they battle the undead hordes. Metaphor-free (unless decadence is punishable by death) and with a dash of degradation as a bonus, the film initially recalls superior fare like The Walking Dead before settling comfortably into abject ineptitude.

Judging from the near-capacity Filmart screening, interest is high and there’s clearly still a devoted market for this kind of gross-out schlock. Admittedly the film is ideal for VOD, download, DVD, most alternative distribution outlets and the genre circuit. Because of the distinct standards laid down by horror and zombie aficionados (a sequel is in development), Z108 can expect to have a healthy if underserved shelf life.

Producer: Morris Rong

Director: Joe Chien

Cast: Yvonne Yao, Morris Rong, Tai Bo, Jack Kao, Dennis To, Chu Mu-yen

Screenwriter: Joe Chien

No rating, 87 minutes