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'Bad Teacher': Cameron Diaz Swoons Over Justin Timberlake in New Clips (Video)

The singer geeks out and the actress spews curse words throughout the Jake Kasden-directed comedy.

June 24: "Bad Teacher"
Gemma LaMana

We posted the red band trailer for the foul-mouthed Cameron Diaz comedy Bad Teacher in Feb. and now here are new clips from the Jake Kasden-directed project.

In the first clip, Diaz's character Elizabeth Halsey shoots down an invitation to join her fellow teachers at a concert by all-teacher band Period Five. At first saying she'd rather "get shot in the face" than see the group, Ms. Halsey sings another tune when she meets Justin Timberlake's geeky Scott Delacorte in the hallway and finds out he's the rhythm guitarist in the band.

The next clip, titled "There She Is," relays some of Diaz character's back story. Viewers discover that Ms. Halsey broke off her wedding engagement after finding her fiance in bed with someone else. Her co-worker's reaction to the revelation might even go viral as a clean catchphrase in this otherwise expletive-filled movie.

The casting of former couple Diaz and Timberlake adds a life-meets-fiction layer to the film, and Diaz has gone out of her way to say their off-camera history shouldn't distract from his performance. She told the Associated Press, "We wanted the best person for the job, and Justin was that person. He's such a great comedian. He's proven himself over and over again."

Diaz continued, "The only thing that I think we were concerned with was what people would make up. The stories that people would make up about us. We were hoping that wouldn't happen, because we're there to work, and we didn't want to have to be distracted by any of those things. And fortunately, for the most part, the media behaved themselves."

Bad Teacher was penned by The Office writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg. The film opens June 24.



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