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Bill Murray Gives a Possibly Drunk Tour of 'Moonrise Kingdom' Set (Video)

The comedy star offers up some amusingly matter-of-fact details about the upcoming Wes Anderson film, which premiered opening night at Cannes.

Moonrise Kingdom

In Wes Anderson's 2004 film The Life Aquatic, Bill Murray opened by offering a tour of his submarine, the Belafonte, and his long-time collaborator is once again making use of his tour guide skills in a new promo video for their upcoming film, Moonrise Kingdom.

This clip finds Murray -- slightly buzzed, perhaps, on spiced rum -- giving an overview of the film's New England island setting and introducing his fellow castmates. 

FILM REVIEW: Moonrise Kingdom

Murray, who offers that he plays "a man," explains that Edward Norton, "who does a lot of psycho work," plays against type; Tilda Swinton is "tall, Scottish, pretty, she can do whatever she likes"; and Jason Schwartzmann -- his Rushmore co-star -- has a "real nice look."

There is also a bit of talk about his work with "a bunch of scouts and kids," which gave him pause to explain, as well as their tent trailers, his tartan pants (and how they're made) and Anderson's love of ankle-showing trousers.