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'Butter': Jennifer Garner Campaigns as a Michele Bachmann Clone (Video)

The Weinstein Co. film will have a one-week Oscar run in October before a wider release in 2012.

Butter Film Still Telluride - H 2011

At the Toronto Film Festival, Harvey Weinstein released a statement inviting Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to the Iowa premiere of his upcoming film Butter in a thinly veiled poke at the Tea Party and Republican party.

Now, viewers are getting their first look at the Weinstein Co. film, which stars Jennifer Garner as Laura Pickler, an uptight housewife from who aims to win a butter carving championship, but her win is threatened by a young, adopted African-American girl with natural talent.

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In the clip, Garner’s character is giving a speech before the results of the competition are announced. While the film’s premise is supposed to be a metaphor for the 2008 presidential race of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (Pickler’s husband is already an accomplished butter carver), Garner’s character comes off as a more Sarah Palin/ Michele Bachmann character.

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“Some people seem to think this competition is about who’s the most disadvantaged,” Garner’s character says in her speech. “I’m sorry that I was born white and tall and pretty.”


The Weinstein Co. film, which also stars Yara Shahidi, Ty Burrell, Ashley Greene and Olivia Wilde, will have a one-week Oscar run in October before a wider release in 2012.