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Cameron Diaz Explains Why 'Bad Teacher' Isn't Raunchy

At the film's premiere, the actress tells THR: "I think that raunchy insinuates that you are trying to shock people."

Bad Teacher
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With mega buzz surrounding raunchy female comedies and characters, including this summer's Bridesmaids starring Kristen Wiig, one would expect Cameron Diaz’s role in Bad Teacher to capitalize on the trend.

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Not so, explains Diaz. In the film, the actress plays Elizabeth Halsey, a foul-mouthed Chicago middle school teacher who drinks heavily and pursues wealthy men – a character that many would characterize as bawdy and most likely, hilarious. 

“I don’t consider this raunchy,” Diaz tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I think that raunchy insinuates that you are trying to shock people. I feel this is a story line – there’s a lot to it. We just don’t have big blasts of like, we’re trying to shock you.

“Everything is connected because they’re telling the story. Even if there is a big laugh, it’s filled with a lot of small laughs and hidden laughs that are just flavored with it,” she adds. “I don’t consider it raunchy. My personal opinion.”

Diaz sheds light on the appeal of these types of characters, explaining that everyone shares at least a few bad girl tendencies.

"if you were to say or do something that hurts somebody’s feelings, after the endorphins ran off, you would feel terrible about it. Elizabeth doesn’t," says Diaz of her character.

"That’s the wonderful thing about her, everybody wants to be like Elizabeth. They wouldn’t feel guilty if they said or did what she did, or they had no censor. But that’s how the majority of us are, so we wish we could be like her.”

Whether she considers it raunchy or not, Diaz scene with co-star and ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake is what she says is the “least sexiest sex scene ever put on film.”

“This is not a sex scene. This is a story point to illustrate the lack of chemistry between these two people,” Diaz clarifies. “We had a lot of fun with just trying to make it as ridiculous as possible.”

Bad Teacher also stars Jason Segel and Lucy Punch. It opens nationwide on June 24th.


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