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'Footloose': How Does the New Trailer Compare to the 1984 Original? (Video)

Newcomers Kenny Wormald and Julianna Hough just wanna dance.

Paramount Pictures

A new trailer for Paramount’s remake of Footloose hit the web on Friday. Writer/Director Craig Brewer’s new take on the 1984 classic film will obviously get lots of comparisons to the original once it hits theaters on October 14. However, this new trailer gives fans an opportunity to compare even this initial teaser to the original trailer for 1984’s Footloose.
The remake stars Kenny Wormald, Dancing with the Stars’ Julianne Hough, and Dennis Quaid. The original starred Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer and John Lithgow.

The premise is the same: The main character, Ren MacCormack, moves to a small town and discovers that dancing has been outlawed. Ren challenges the ban, while falling in love with the minister’s daughter, Ariel.
Other similarities include Ren (Wormald) dancing alone in a warehouse, and Ren also pulling Ariel (Hough) from the train tracks. It also looks like a yellow VW bug will be featured in the remake.
But differences can already be noted in the two trailers. For starters, the remake is set in Bomont, Tennessee instead of Beaumont, Utah. And obviously the clothing is much more modern, as are the dance moves. It looks like instead of a tractor game of chicken, the scene will change into a race in busses.

The soundtrack will present a different type of music, and will feature a remake of "Footloose” by Blake Shelton with a country twang to it, along with other songs by Zac Brown, Cee Lo Green, and Victoria Justice.
Watch the new Footloose trailer below:

And a trailer from the 1984 original: