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'Hit & Run's' Tom Arnold Reveals How Dax Shepard Helped Him Get His 'Man Card' Back (Video)

The actor tells THR that he was hesitant to perform his own stunts after hernia surgery, but,“we didn’t have any fat stuntman.”

Tom Arnold lends a helping hand in a newly released Funny or Die video, in which he serves as Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell’s sex coach, but on the set of their new movie Hit & Run, it was actually Shepard who helped his pal get back on his feet.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Arnold recalls his first day on set after undergoing hernia surgery. With a healing incision and a chest full of staples, Arnold was encouraged – make that required – to perform his own stunts.

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“Dax was like, ‘you’re gonna run, following the van’ -- it’s like 110 degrees  --‘you jump on the ground, and you’ll jump on your own gun, and it’ll go off underneath you,’” Arnold remembers his director saying. “I was like ‘OK, but who’s gonna do that?’ He goes, ‘you are.’ I was like, ‘I just was in the hospital!’ He goes, ‘you can do it, you can do it,’ because we didn’t have anybody else to do it. We didn’t have any fat stuntman.”

Thankfully, Arnold survived the experience and says that it was actually beneficial to his recovery.

“It was good because when you get out of the hospital, a surgery like that, you say to yourself, ‘am I a man still?’” he explains. “And after that, I got my man card back.”

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And while Shepard did all his own stunt driving in his real-life whips (Bradley Cooper drives a striking red Cadillac and Michael Rosenbaum a sporty silver Audi), Arnold got stuck behind the wheel of a busted gray mini-van.

“I’m not a car guy, though it would have been nice to be in something with air conditioning because it was so hot,” he jokes, before revealing the surprising, historic nature of his ride.

“That minivan has a history, it was in The Town -- the Ben Affleck movie -- so it still had bullet holes from when they fired off the machine guns inside of there,” he says.

So no need to feel sorry for Arnold here – even the lamest car on screen has a super cool backstory.

For more from Arnold, watch the video above. Hit & Run opens nationwide on Aug. 22.

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