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Josh Hutcherson's 'Detention' Horror Spoof Clip Hits the Web (Video)

The "Hunger Games" star featured in Joseph Kahn's genre send-up that is hitting theaters in April via Samuel Goldwyn.

Josh Hutcherson
John Shearer/Getty Images

Now, Josh Hutcherson is best known for his role as the passive romantic Peeta in The Hunger Games, but as his next film proves, he can pull off the cool kid role, too. 

As serious as the dystopian teen war film is, the slasher spoof Detention is silly: Hutcherson plays the slick Clapton, the hot guy in school who falls for his awkward female classmate (what an reverse!) as students find themselves being stalked by a slasher. Clapton is among the teens who are sequestered by the school principal, played by Dane Cook, who join together to uncover the identity of the killer -- if they can be trusting long enough not to kill each other.

In the clip below, Hutcherson's Clapton prepares for a fight -- if only Katniss had called him her Daniel Larusso.

Director Joseph Kahn, speaking to THR about the film, said, "I always wanted to make a time traveling horror comedy about bears, serial killers, the 90's, and UFOs. Let's be honest, this genre is underrepresented in Hollywood.”

The film hits theaters on April 13.