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'Lawless' Behind-the-Scenes: Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy, Armed and Dangerous (Video)

A trip to the prohibition era finds a lot of free time during the making of the bootlegging drama, and a lot of guns fired, too.

Lawless LaBeouf Shot - H 2012
Richard Foreman, Jr., SMPSP/ The Weinstein Company

Talk about looking out of place.

The immaculately-designed backwoods sets of the upcoming prohibition-era bootlegging drama Lawless hosted stars in equally authentic garb; Jessica Chastian squeezed into real metal-zippered corsets, while Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy donned heavy flannel garb and even heavier beards. It all makes for a rich scene for the filmgoer, but a peak behind-the-scenes creates a bit of a head-scratching scene.

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In B-Roll released to the public ahead of Lawless' release, we find cramped quarters and deep forest setups, peppered with artifacts and gunfire. But with director John Hillcoat and his crew also in the shots, it creates a bizarre juxtaposition: state-of-the-art digital equipment and modern-clothed crew members tiptoeing around the old (well, recreated) sets, re-enacting the past to make sure, this time, they get it on film.

They were all there thanks to LaBeouf.

"Shia was as determined as ever, and we came back and tried to piece the project together with independent financing," Hillcoat told THR in a recent cover story. "He was just brimming with energy, about to leap out of his chair at any moment. He was very genuine in his desire to do something that he could really sink his teeth into and made some comment about wanting to explode if he had to do one more [of Transformers' CG-heavy scenes, acting] with a green tennis ball."