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Sean Parker Talks About the Rise of Napster in Trailer for 'Downloaded' Documentary (Video)

The Alex Winter-directed documentary is a part of Vh1's Rock Docs series.

Downloaded Documentary Trailer - H 2012

It's fitting that a trailer for a documentary depicting the creation of music file-sharing service Napster begins with the trademark shriek and hiss of a dial-up modem.

As a part of Vh1's Rock Docs series, the Alex Winter-directed documentary Downloaded appears to trace the meteoric rise of Napster -- and how it led to "music's lost decade" (as one headline states in the trailer) as the industry scrambled to make sense of the new technology.

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"We literally went from being high school kids leading normal, mundane lives to -- twelve months later -- bringing one of the largest U.S. industries to its knees and basically fighting what is the largest corporate lawsuit in the history of the world," said Sean Parker, the co-founder of Napster and former president of Facebook, in the Downloaded trailer. 

In April, Winter spoke to MTV News about why he chose a project focusing on the creation of the social-network. 

"My passion about this was that the real Napster was online from '99 to 2002. It was the invention of peer-to-peer technology in a way that actually worked, meaning [co-founder] Shawn Fanning created Napster when he was 18. He had this vision bringing the whole world together via music and creating a global community," Winter explained to the network.

The documentary is listed as "Coming Soon" on Winter's website. The doc's poster teases the film as "Napster: The Music. The Battle. The Revolution."

Watch the trailer below (via Slashfilm):