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'Seven Psychopaths' Trailer is Even Better With Cats (Video)

The upcoming dark comedy gets a preview that substitutes movie stars for well-dressed feline thespians.

If the Internet had a box office, Seven PsychoCats would be a surefire hit.

As if the screwball comedy from Oscar winner Martin McDonaugh didn't seem zany enough, CBS Films commissioned a trailer recut, with cats in the lead roles, instead of Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson and Christopher Walken (if there's anything more disconcerting than listening to Walken's voice, it's listening to his voice coming from a cat in a suit sporting a little tuft of hair on his bald head).

The new trailer doesn't just work to feed the Internet's general need for all things kittens, or play on the kinda-sorta similar sounds of "psychopath" and "cat," but also plays well because the film itself is about dog kidnappers (dognappers?). And so what started out as a fun little comedy now becomes the latest volley in the never-ending war between felines and canines.