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'Spring Breakers' and 'Girls' Mashup Sends Franco and Dunham on a Wild Ride (Video)

To explore and contrast two of the most buzzed about stories, THR has put together a trailer of epic and angsty proportions.

Torn between your fixation on Lena Dunam's Girls and Harmony Korine's Disney-on-acid film Spring Breakers? That's quite understandable: they make us uncomfortable, but are so open, honest and scintillating, it's impossible to take your eyes off them.

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Luckily, The Hollywood Reporter has created a mashup of these two most zeitgeist-y pieces of pop culture, in a video quite appropriately titled "Girls Gone Wild."

If you want to sound smart about it when you pass the video along, here's some crib notes: Both Girls' twenty-something angst and the material-nihilism of James Franco's rapper-dealer dynamo Alien (as well as his young, party-ready cadets) are comments on the self-absorption, desperation and confusion of a new generation, even as they take almost entirely different forms. Juxtaposing the two is very, very academic.