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Starlet 'Trailer' Teases an Inter-Generational Buddy Chick Flick (Video)

The well-regarded indie film, directed by Sean Baker, offers a look at an unlikely pair with dark secrets.

Starlet Gree Hemingway Poster Art - P 2012

The unconventional friendship of old and young is not a new premise. There was the romance of Harold and Maude, the sentimentality of Tuesdays with Morrie, the competition of Rushmore. But, despite all the mathematical odds -- there are only two main genders, after all -- it's rare to see a buddy film between old and young females, as if filmmakers are uncertain how to write for women or something.

That's where Starlet comes in.

Film Review: Starlet

A new indie feature, which earned earned the Special Jury Prize at SXSW this year, features Dree Hemingway as Jane, a wispy 21-year old wallowing in drug-induced malaise, and Besedka Johnson playing Sadie, a bitter elderly widow. The two meet when Hemingway buys a thermos at Johnson's yard sale -- which turns out to have $10,000 in cash inside.

When trying to return the money doesn't work, Jane works her way into Sadie's life, but the friendship uncovers much more than expected about both women.