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Sundance 2012: Will Ferrell-Produced 'Bachelorette' With James Marsden, Kirsten Dunst Premieres (Video)

First time filmmaker Leslye Headland debuted her girl-powered comedy to a packed audience on Monday, saying, "I actually wanted to dedicate this film to John Hughes for a while."

On the surface, Leslye Headland's girl-powered Bachelorette appears to be riding on the coattails of a similarly titled predecessor -- but any questions of comparison quickly become irrelevant after viewing the raunchy and dark romcom.

"I was just sort of mad that our generation didn't have a '90s movie," the writer-director told a packed Eccles Theater following the film's Jan. 23 premiere. "So I decided to make one."

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"I actually wanted to dedicate this film to John Hughes for a while," she later added. "I'm not sure why I dropped that idea. Probably because I was afraid he'd turn in his grave, or something… Isla's character is really just a drunk Molly Ringwald, I think. And Marsden is sort of James Spader in a way, I guess."

The first time helmer leads a star-studded cast including Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan, James Marsden, Kyle Bornheimer, Adam Scott, Hayes MacArthur and Bridesmaids actress, Rebel Wilson, who stole the show during the Q&A.

"Hi, I'm pretty drunk right now," she confessed to boisterous applause. "I kind of need to go to the toilet, so I was thinking about that and I don't remember the question. But yeah, it was really good to be in the movie."

"I loved working with Kirsten," she continued, "Because she was in Bring it On."

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On the red carpet, Wilson joked with The Hollywood Reporter that she had been nicknamed "The Lucky Charm" due to the success of her previous film. "They hope this does as well as Bridesmaids," she said. "But I think if people come to this expecting Bridesmaids 2 they'll be very shocked, cause tonally it's a completely different movie. It's so dark and edgy and a lot more dramatic."

Each of the actresses, including Caplan and Dunst, were quick to credit the Kristen Wiig-led comedy with paving the way for their film, though the story of Bachelorette had actually come along far earlier. The film is based on one of seven plays written by Headland, focusing on each of the seven deadly sins. Bachelorette was born from the sin of gluttony, exploring the dark world of eating disorders, drugs and casual sex.

"Adam [McKay] and Will [Ferrell] came to see it and they said, 'You should turn this into a movie,'" Headland told THR on the red carpet. "And I actually had already written the screenplay, so I was like 'Oh, funny you should say that, cause I happen to have my screenplay right here.' It really was one of those Hollywood stories."

Ferrell and McKay, who co-produced the film through their Gary Sanchez shingle, were also on hand for the premiere. The duo opted not to speak with reporters on the carpet or to address the audience during the Q&A.

Shedding his squeaky clean romcom image, Marsden portrays -- in his words -- an "unabashed douche-bag" groomsman in the film.

"When I saw him in Enchanted, I was like, 'I have got to cast him in something where he says some filthy shit,'" joked Headland. "I was like, 'That guy's gotta bang someone in my movie. That's what's gonna happen.'"

"She was so excited to take my image from Enchanted and just like, take a big dump on it. Turn it completely upside-down," Marsden laughed in response. "But it's a fun character to play."

Absent from the screening was Fisher, who left the festival to return home ahead of her film's premiere.